RMBS is a licensed Swarovski Optik dealer. We sell the
entire Swarovski line of optics including binoculars, spotting
scopes, rifle scopes, range finders, and all accessories. We
sell only new optics with full manufacturer warranties. Once
ordered, your optics are shipped directly from Swarovski to
your door for a small fee.

When buying your optics from RMBS, part of your purchase
may be tax deductible. RMBS charges you the minimum
allowable price which is 10% off the Swarovski published
MSRP. The difference between the price you pay and our
Dealer Cost is a donation to RMBS.

The bottom line is that you receive great optics at the lowest
price, a tax deduction, and your money goes to help keep
sheep on the mountain.
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ATM / STM 65
SLC new
Rifle Scopes
Optronic Instruments
ATM / STM 80
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