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Bighorn Sheep & Mountain Goat  One raffle license available per
Note: In the event you win a raffle license and also draw a lic
Bighorn Sheep and Goat raffle licenses will be drawn at the RMB
Sheep, Goat & Pronghorn Raffle Licenses
2018 Colorado
Rifle #1  Weaver Rifles Custom 6.5 Creedmoor built on a Lone Pe
Rifle #2  Weaver Rifles Custom .338 Win. Mag., built on a Win.
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RULES  1) Raffles are conducted under Colorado Bingo-Raffle Lic
Raffle is open to residents and non-residents, including outsid
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Custom Weaver Rifle Raffles Only 650 tickets sold for each rifl
Other Great Raffles
Swarovski Optics Raffles ONLY 250 tickets sold per drawn raffle
click for .338 Win. Mag. photos
click for 6.5 Creedmoor photos
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